Mozart Park, Hyde Square Community,
Classes Began Saturday March 22

Above: Douglas Kornfeld discussing iconic symbols with workshop students.

Above: Douglas Kornfeld introducing the Mozart Park Projects to the workshop students

On Saturday March 22, 2008 Douglas Kornfeld and Helen Duncan began a series of design workshops for students of the Jamaica Plain/Mozart Park Community. These workshops will culminate in the creation of a permanent artwork, of the students design, for Mozart Park in Jamaica Plain, in Boston MA. This artwork will relate to a larger work the artist Douglas Kornfeld, will design for the entrance to the park.
The design workshop began with a discussion of Icons and Symbols and asked the students to consider and evaluate common symbols they encounter every day. The discussion centered around corporate symbols and how they communicate information both directly and indirectly. The students spent time examining and deconstructing the corporate symbols used by ATT, Apple Computer, Nike, McDonalds.
They were then introduced to Adobe Photoshop, a professional level design software, and began a series of exercises to familiarize themselves with its capabilities. The workshop ended with each student using Photoshop to collage their own face onto the body of a music or movie celebrity or sport star.

The workshops will continue through the middle of April.

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